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CamKing Firebird stained glass sunscreen

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💖Suncatcher of Phoenix is made of stained glass. This is a bright window decor, which attracts everyone's attention. And you will share warmth and kindness since Phoenix has a symbolic meaning.This bird is a symbol of eternal rebirth, a mythical creature that burns and rises from the ashes💖

Such a cute suncatcher of phoenix stained glass sunscreen is a perfect home window decor as well as a lovely gift for any occasion. I'm sure your mom, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, sister or friend will be in love with it.

The origin of the Phoenix is inseparable from fire and the sun. The Phoenix Bird symbolizes warmth and a rich harvest.In Slavic mythology, the Phoenix Bird is analogous to the Finish-Clear Falcon and the Firebird.

These are the birds of the light side, they beam kindness and warmth. These magical creatures are characterized with idleness, they do not care about worldly problems. The only thing that interests them in life is singing.

This Phoenix ornament is so beautiful, please put it in your home to commemorate your loved ones. A meaningful decoration to commemorate those relatives who unfortunately are no longer with us.


Jaime Kent -Sep 1, 2020

So beautiful! I absolutely love it! The level of plastics wrap in the packaging was a bit much, mostly just the wrap and tape around the piece itself; it made it difficult to remove the piece gently. But super appreciate a the precautions taken for it to arrive in one piece to me!

James Bruce -Nov 6, 2019
Lovely suncatcher. Looks excellent for my kitchen window. Looking forward to it catching the late afternoon sun of 2020. Arrived promptly after ordering and was very well packed and arrived safely.