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CamKing Valentines Day Gift For Girlfriend/Boyfriend

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Looking for anniversary gift for girlfriend / boyfriend or romantic gift for wife / husband?

You need this bottle where you can put what you want to say

Sometimes we hesitate to tell a loved one that we think or do not know how to express our feelings

Message in a bottle will help you with it. A great message does not leave anyone indifferent! It will be nice surprise and will give happy and smile to a loved one.

Also, message in a bottle will be a unique gift and a wonderful alternative to a traditional greeting card.

Packing method: Tiandi cover gift box (with brushed grass inside)

Packing list: Wishing bottle*1+pill capsule (random color and random pattern)*50PCS+LOVE tag (with twine)*1+brushed grass+heaven and earth cover gift box

Packing size: 14x10x6.5cm

Total packaging weight: about 220g

Special note: the pill capsule and the wishing bottle are packed separately; the LOVE tag is packed separately from the twine