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CamKing Under Hood Animal Repeller Rodent Repellent with LED Strobe Lights

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Under Hood Animal Repeller Rodent Repellent Three Methods of Power Supply Ultrasonic Rat Deterrent with LED Strobe Lights to Keep Mouse Away from Car Engine Garage Attic Home



Working Principle: Microcomputer chip is used to generate a variety of variable frequency ultrasonic waves. Effectively stimulate and destroy the brain and auditory system of rats and other pests in the area under control, causing them to fear and discomfort and quickly escape from the scene.


High Quality Mouse Repellent: Made of ABS material, makes the unit is resistant to high temperatures and fireproof, will not affect other automobile parts or engine. Add insect repellent powder to increase the effect of pest and mice repellent, screw-secured cover avoid accidental leakage.

3 in 1 Power Supply Ways: Powered by 4 AA batteries(Not included), USB Charge and DC version. You can connect the two cables to the car electrical circuit. Automatically turn off to save power when the car is started, automatically resume work after the car is parked.


Safely Drive Pest: The Ultrasonic Rat Repeller emits a combination of ultrasounds and LED strobe light to deter pesky animals like mice, chipmunks, martens and rodents entering your vehicle. It is also great use in kitchen, warehouse, garage, etc.