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CamKing Premium General Motors Snow Cover

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All Season Windshield Cover ❄️Winter you need it ?

?Easy installation or disassembly, complete supporting facilities?

?Durable :It has the functions of rain, frost, snow, UV, dust, etc. The cover can be used as a snow cover in winter, a windshield umbrella in summer, and a leaf cover in autumn.

?Upgrade design : With the help of 6 magnets, the windshield snow cover is firmly fixed on the car and the snow cover is fixed in place. Use double-layered magnets to protect your vehicle from scratches.

?Easy to install: is made for convenience and convenience. Since no tools or additional hands are required, the windshield cover can be installed in a few minutes.

?Universal size :The design has a universal size of 47"×82", which is perfectly suitable for cars, trucks, minivans, trucks, SUVs, MPVs. It can also be used as an outdoor picnic mat, tent sleeping mat, baby crawling mat and pet car seat cover.

?Practical: The snow on the windshield completely covers the windshield and wiper, preventing the windshield and wiper from freezing in winter and aging in summer. The rearview mirror cover can also fully protect your rearview mirror.

?Easy to store:This windshield snow cover is equipped with a special storage bag and a foldable compact bag. In this way, it can be placed in the trunk or cab after use.

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Rear Windshield Snow Cover


  • Material: polyester

  • Color: black (silvered on the back)

  • Size:about 200 * 70cm  / 78.7 * 27.56in

  • Function: waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, snowproof

  • Applicable models: general

packing list:

  • 1 *Windshield cover

  • 1 * storage bag