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CamKing Poo Bags & LED Dispenser

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Why overspend on expensive dog poo bags that simply collect poop to be thrown away Don't spend less on quality poo bags that are thin and tear easy.  You can still get strong, durable, reliable bags at this competitive premium price.  

Save money and dirty looks with this brand new 2-IN-1 LED light and poo bag dispenser. 

This unique dispenser stores your poo bags and features an LED light that provides visibility and safety for walks at night.  The degradable bags minimize their effect on the environment and help prevent the spread of parasites and diseases.


  • Bags were created for easy tear and open access. 
  • High quality bags are tested to be tough, durable, and completely leak proof. 
  • Fabricated with degradable material, makes them safe and eco-friendly.
  • Dispenser and bags are compact, portable, and easy to carry.
  • The dispenser is designed with a bright LED light that aids in visibility for poo pick up during night walks.    
  • LED light provides visibility and safety for walks at night. 


  1. By using dog poo bags, you're protecting the water supply and ecosystem from pet waste run-off that contains harmful bacteria in your pet's poo. 
  2. Dog poo contains harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasites that can cause serious sickness in people.  Immediate and proper disposal helps prevent the transmission of disease and parasites. 
  3. Basic common courtesy and respect to your fellow pet parent.  NOBODY likes stepping in a fresh pile of poo. 
  4. Prevent other animals from getting sick.  Dogs have a nasty habit of eating other animal's feces, so if you don't pick up your pet's poo, another pet can eat the feces and become extremely ill and even die.  Make this completely avoidable by purchasing these poo bags. 
  5. It's the law. In many areas, it is now legally mandated that pet parents clean up after their pets. 


⭐️ Batteries NOT included:  requires 3 LR44 batteries ⭐️

Each purchased set:  2 poo bag rolls (15 bags a roll) and 1 LED dispenser
Size: 11.5 x 4cm (13 x 9inches)
LED Lights: provides visibility and safety for night walks.