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CamKing Multifunction Dog Molar Bite Toy

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It can be a play toy, also can be a teeth cleaning toy. It is more flexible, enhances the bite force of pets, prevents dental diseases and cleans the mouth. The most important thing is to liberate their energy and provide you with your private time.


  • Clean teeth & Enhance bite force
  • Flexible & No harm to the dog
  • Enhance intelligence and affection
  • Resistant to bite & Play by dog itself
  • Food-grade TPR material is safer
  • Protecting household items

Great bouncy:

When threw the ball hit the ground,it will bounce high, suitable to play with in the yard,home,park,or shore.It also do inspire pets hunting instinct to insanely chase this ball,so can better training pet agility.


Safe Materials:

Safe Food-grade TPR materials. All are made up of safe and environmentally friendly polymer materials to solve the problem of biting things and screaming. Food-grade TPR do NOT cause any harm, even if they are swallowed, they can be excreted normally.