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CamKing Interactive Cat Training Toys Pet Cat Ball Supply

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The cat scratching toy works with the cat's instinct for hunting and pouncing and offers hours of fun and exercise with the toy mouse and catnip for cats. The cat scratching pad reduces the potential for furniture damage and acts like a cat scratching post. Sprinkle catnip on the cat scratch post and pad for added excitement! A best cat toy on the pet market today.


  • TEASE BY SENSE OF SMELL AND SIGHT:?The built-in eye-friendly LED, which is different from the traditional laser pet toy, is introduced into the ball. Unique catnip chamber inside making adding catnip so easy.
  • With the microchip computing background, the ball can be controlled to roll and stop according to the current detected state. The ball engages the cat to capture by nature, automatically changes direction on detection of obstacles. Teasing should be everywhere.
  • INTELLIGENT LOW POWER MODE BY MICROPROCESSOR: Due to the microprocessor, the ball will pause for 6 seconds every 30 seconds of scrolling, then continue to scroll, and enter standby mode after 5 minutes. When the pet moves again within 15 minutes, the ball will continue to scroll.
  • Wide range of applications: ABS plastic material automatically moves pet toy ball, suitable for puppy cats to chase sports play in outdoor indoors, save your energy, increase the activity of pets such as cats and dogs, and add unlimited fun to you and pets.