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CamKing Fox & Moon Decoration

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Product Description

Learn about paper crafts and fun ways to use this material. Embark on sumptuous creations using paper like never before!

The sculpture is made of thick colored paper that you can assemble yourself.

The shapes in the kit are already pre-folded. You just need to cut out the shapes using a precision knife and cutting mat, such as the ones we offer. They are essential to avoid damaging your creative leisure space.

Finally, all you have to do is fold the dotted lines and assemble your 3D to decorate your interior in an original way!

Children can also participate! Take the opportunity to accompany them in this fun activity and organize a little DIY Origami moment with the family. They will inevitably be happy and proud to have made the pretty decoration displayed in their house!??

Follow the assembly instructions that came with your order.

Age:> 7 years old

Dimensions: 40 * 40cm