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CamKing Fairy Dream Catcher Light

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The unique dream catcher was introduced in the 18th century by the American Indian. The American Indian used it to catch beautiful dreams, letting nightmares vanish with the morning sun. It is said that only a good dream can pass through this hole and swirl down the feathers and the nightmare will be trapped in the net and pass in the sunshine of the next day.

dream catcher led

Our exclusive dream catcher aims to accompany you in your magical dreams every time you sleep. This native american dream catcher ensures that all good dreams enter your mind while the nightmares get thrown away through the hole.

Best part of all, this large authentic dream catcher emits an atmospheric LED glow which helps the mind ooze into sleep quicker. Bring tons of love, compassion, and positive energy into your dreams and life with this indian dream catcher.

❤ Which color should I choose?
It depends on what kind of dreams you are into. Below are color meanings:
Pink - Romantic, love, friendship
White - Hope, pureness
Green - Life, relaxation, environment, money, safety
Purple - Loyalty, luxury, wisdom, magic
Blue - Peace, calmness, affection


Materials: Feathers, Cotton Threads, Wooden Beads
Light String: Led Copper Wire Lamp (2 Meters 20 Led)
Colors: Pink, White, Green, Purple, Blue
Diameter: 11cm
Length: 56cm
Powered By: 2 X Cr2032 Battery 

Package Includes: 

1 X Fairy Dream Catcher Light