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CamKing Duvet Cover Clips 6 pcs

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Never again suffer from a shifted duvet while sleeping. The clips can easily and quickly be fixed and keep your comforter in the duvet in place. Changing your duvet cover is also a lot easier with these clips! MAIN BENEFITS 

  • ✔ Prevents the duvet from shifting in the duvet cover
  • ✔ Suitable for every thickness and type of duvet (also for 4-season duvets)
  • ✔ Easy and quick to attach
  • ✔ No damage to the fabric
  • ✔ Makes changing your duvet cover easier
  • ✔ Made of strong durable plastic  
  • ✔ The clips can be placed on the inside as well as on the outside


  • Place the duvet cover inside out
  • Put the duvet on top
  • Attach a clip to both top corners to secure the duvet and cover it together
  • Turn the cover inside out together with the duvet
  • Attach 2 clips to the bottom of the outside of the cover
  • The clips can be attached on the inside and outside.



ABS Durable plastic

Weight per clip

48 grams

Package contains

6Pcs x Duvet Cover Clips 6 pcs