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CamKing Disc Pressure Washer Power Cleaner

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Disc Pressure Washer
Cleaner Round Attachment High Flat Surface Power Washer
This disc shaped pressure washer will outperform any standard pressure washer out there! It’s engineered with high quality brush material that is highly effective on almost any surface. It’s equipped with two powerful rotating jets that ensure an effective and efficient clean every time. There’s no need to replace your old surfaces, this disc pressure washer will make it look good as new!

Features and Benefits


The disc is equipped with ultra-strong brush materials that are made to remove the most stubborn dirt.


The washer is designed to clean almost any surface making it perfect for driveways, paths, decks, and many more large surfaces. 


It’s engineered to be simple to use, simply push the lightweight trigger to power the pressure washer. It’s extremely easy to use.