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CamKing Cactus Catnip Cat Toy

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  • Healthy for Cats of All Ages.
  • Fulfills Natural Hunting Instincts.
  • Promotes Activity and Mental Stimulation.


CONTAINS CATNIP: Excite, engage and help keep kitty's interest with these catnip-filled tosser toys! The perfect size for kitty to swat and bat while the catnip keeps them energized and entertained.

ACTIVE LIFESTYLE-READY: Great for playing, fetching, or tug of war. Fun addition to your cat's active lifestyle. Outlast and outperform other cat toys! Thoroughly-tested. Keep your cats entertained and safe during playtime with a high quality, detailed designed dog toy.  Perfect for bonding and relationship building.

LONGER-LASTING: This toy is designed to be destroyed, This cactus toy is densely packed with fluffy stuffing that are perfect for shredding and trashing!

MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy to clean. Toys will retain its shape and cotton feel with repeated cleaning 
and washing.




  • 1 x Cactus Catnip Cat Toy.